You Don’t Always Need Fish Skin For Burns

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Burn Skin Cover Up

Burn Skin Cover Up with Microskin Pakistan

Fish skin for burns? Um wait, what?

Yes, you heard it right.

Do you know fish skin is being used by doctors, particularly in Brazil, to treat patients from second and third degree burns?

Yeah. Researchers in Brazil are experimenting with a new treatment for severe burns using the skin of tilapia fish, a uniquely processed procedure, they say, can ease the pain of victims and also cut medical costs.

Although it’s one unique way to treat burns while also being cost effective but one thing which not might be acceptable to you is that the fish skin procedure includes wrapping around fish scales all around your hands which seem quite gross.

It cuts down healing time and minimizes medication…..

Good that it cuts down healing time and minimizes medication but you would also have to re-do the whole procedure if it’s second degree burn.

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The sterilized tilapia skin may be left on in some cases until the skin of the patient starts to scar. But in more extreme cases, it is necessary to change the tilapia, but not as often as the combination of gauze and cream. Doctors cover the burnt skin of a child with tilapia skin here. 

It might not be good for every skin type!

Fish skin seems effective apparently but not everything comes easy. It might badly effect sensitive skin.

For instance, if you have a sensitive skin and the collagen on the fish skin gets super irritating for you, you will have to cut down the procedure to refrain from further damage.

There are times when nothing works out……

There are times when nothing works. One tries out everything but nothing seems to work. One of the reasons could be hard or sensitive skin type.

The ultimate getaway, you think, is make-up

When nothing seems to work then ultimately people refer to make up. No doubt, scars and blemishes serve as a reminder of all hardships that you have over-come.

It may seem a bit exaggerating but getting over the trauma of going through a hard skin phase, is commendable. While scars serve as a reminder of all the times you were able to beat blemishes sometimes, you have to conceal them.

You cannot always be comfortable with make up

Make up can be a good option for a short period of time but for a whole day to day activities, applying make-up to cover your skin burns will be the worst decision you will ever make.

Especially if you live in warm countries then it might not be frisky idea for you.

Sweat and the heat mixed together with foundation, color corrector or whatever make up product you applied on your skin, will deteriorate your skin to a great level.

How about doing Microskin this time?

Not that it’s another marketing tactic to lure its customers but frankly speaking when everything fails, this time around try something which seems promising.

Microskin does not deal in that area, applying Microskin will not get mixed with sweat nor will it get clogged into your pores for whatever conditions you are living in.

It will simply form a layer on the epidermis of your skin just covering up the skin burn, skin scars, skin birthmark and skin vitiligo. It is as light weighted as a bird feather which will make you least bothered about anything hovering on the epidermal layer of your skin.

So why waste time and money on make-up products which are not even effective in a longer run.
However, try Microskin this time and thank us later!