What is Microskin Pakistan All About?

Any types of scars are not to be obsessed over!
October 26, 2019
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December 17, 2019

When you think of different skin conditions, whether they are by birth or developed with the time you don’t have many good thoughts about them. Scar meaning for most people due to any skin conditions or any accident is about the bad memories or the embarrassment that they have faced because of it. At times, you don’t have scars or bruising due to accidents but suffer from loss of pigmentation or discoloration because you were born with it.


Microskin is a brand that covers all your pain points and gives you exactly what you are looking for in terms of coverage and results.

Cover Makeup

  • One it is not makeup and is a specialized technology that helps cover your skin discoloration of any kind. Many people may confuse it with cover makeup but it is actually better than that and gives full coverage and copies the skin texture at the end of every application.

Skin Injury

  • They do not make empty promises of healing and fixing your skin, all they do is camouflage the scars. Skin injury or any other skin problem that leaves discoloration or attacks the melanin in your skin.

Skin Scan

  • You receive a complete skin scan that determines your skin color to get the best skin color match to apply to the affected area.
  • It does not transfer to any other surface after application, making it easy for you to apply on areas that are exposed and come in contact with the surroundings.

Waterproof Makeup

  • It is waterproof, hence it will last longer on your skin and would come off when you clean with its own remover. You will be able to wear it with ease and connect with people and their surroundings without any issues.

Remove Scars On legs From Childhood

  • Many people try to find ways to remove scars on legs from childhood and skin ailments or bruises from parts of the body. Not all scars are removable but whether old or new, with this technology and easy application, you would be able to hide it without any issue.

How To Remove Scars Fast

There is no guide on how to remove scars fast or get rid of them permanently but they are easily and quickly hidden. Cover makeup requires skill and time which most people do not have. On top of that, it also comes off easy and hence is not durable. While, on the other hand, this technology lasts longer and applies without any special set of skills.

  • All you need is the little stipple that dabs on the technology easy and you can at the same time remove it with its own remover in seconds.
  • For larger applications, you can purchase the airbrush and if you want you can also get a quick one-time application process done from the clinic itself.


It is all about skincare and you being comfortable with the results you receive. Since your skin doesn’t have blocked pores and is allowed to breathe, you don’t have to face any other skin problems. Instead of looking for makeup tips and learning how to apply makeup, you can easily just apply this and be on your way in a short while. It would help you shorten your daily routine and take away a lot of the daily stress that you feel.

Skin Grafting

It is all about giving yourself space to breathe and not having to answer any questions if you don’t feel like it. You can and you should take a break if you want without having to explain yourself to anyone. There are many skin grafting operations that people are recommended to go through but that doesn’t solve the problem completely either and not everyone has the means to get the operation done. Hence, this is a still better option that a person can turn towards without any hassle and limitations. Give yourself the break and the coverage you deserve.