Meaning of coward has nothing to do with covering up

Is covering scar necessary?
October 26, 2019
How Can I Hide My Vitiligo?
October 26, 2019

“I am not a coward just because I covered something that I do not want the whole world to see. I maybe strong but not enough to tell everyone my story through my skin”.

Coward is in fact someone who backed down from a fight, I faced it. Coward is he who refuses to confront a not so pleasant experience, I face that also. Coward might be someone who is well-suited, speak so well but too afraid to face the ups and downs of life, well that is not my case. Coward is he who is not confident enough to survive the everyday bullying coming from one of those “cool” High school kids, I faced that also. How am I a coward? I am not. Nature has chosen me or anyone like me, as one of those special people who are stronger than the rest of the world. We, as growing up, do not know what a certain skin condition looks like. We do not know what kids at school or colleagues at the office would say or think about us, because any skin condition that we have and they don’t, will make feel us strange.

Covering up a skin condition, be it a scar from self-harm or be it a natural phenomenon such as Vitiligo, birthmark or burn marks because of someone who has beaten you up about it is pretty normal in people who are affected by it. According to some, covering up a scar is a good idea as they are not pretty, they show your imperfections. People might judge you for what you have gone through. Least will they care about what pain you had to deal with. While others do not appreciate the fact that one must cover them up, why? Because you are running away from your own pain that you survived long time ago. Some also believe that scars are constant reminder that you as an individual tolerated consequences that came with it all alone.

Skin conditions can be covered up through a lot of ways. Some people try to cover it through home remedies which claim to treat scars over-night. Some also apply makeup products like foundations and concealers. Foundations usually make the skin patch seem gross because it gets mixed with sweat, gets oxidized and ultimately looks like a total disaster. Make up also blocks your pores, that stops your skin from breathing, it also removes easily with water and sweat, which makes it difficult for you to enjoy the rain or go out to the beach or for a swim. Then you have to dress according to the clothes that are convenient rather than those that you love because makeup easily transfers onto clothes, that also stops you from interacting with people physically, such as hugs and handshakes. We don’t think we need to even start discussing the dangerous chemicals that ruin your skin.

Many people also opt for herbal treatment with no side effects. Herbal treatments don’t always treat the condition. They might just make the scar disappear temporarily but for a longer run, herbal treatment does not work.

However, skin is your choice. It’s in your hands how to take care of it. Scars of any kind are annoying. Some fade over time, some are annoyingly permanent, so the only thing you can really do is learn how to cover them.  If there is anything which is problematic for you and you want to get rid of it, either by consistent skin care routine or through skin treatment you can choose to treat it however you want. Scars also come in different shapes and sizes. They are not something that you can cover up in one go and bam, you are good to go. They vary from different shapes. Some are flat, red, post acne scars while some are due to hyper pigmentation. Some are also popped out acne scars which leave painful yet gross mark over the skin. Therefore, for different range of scars you cannot just one camouflage technique. Your camouflage technique should also vary for which suits your scar type.

However, you can easily flaunt your skin condition and discuss it in public. Because, you are the one who has the strength to go through the pain, they don’t.