Looking for Tattoo Cover Makeup?

It is Much More Than Just Discoloration of Skin
October 26, 2019
Any types of scars are not to be obsessed over!
October 26, 2019

Tattoo, a piece of art or a saying or a quote from someone special that has been printed permanently onto our skins has a special meaning for every different person who got it done. There are many tattoos designs that people get done, they can be run of the mill that are in style at that point or something they have designed themselves. But, once you get a tattoo done on your skin, it is pretty much a done deal. Whether it turns out the way you wanted it to or if its ruined, if you want to get rid of it you actually cannot without laser surgery that helps destroy it. The only alternate that you have left if you don’t want to keep looking at it for any reason is to find a tattoo cover up technique that would hide or camouflage it.

Tattoo ideas at a younger age may be inspired by a spur of the moment decision which later might hold no meaning for you. At times, it may lose meaning with time as you grow older and don’t necessarily want to keep that. At times, you may just want to hide it for your own personal reasons. In Pakistan, tattoo is still not widely accepted though it is becoming popular. But, most parents may not agree and those people who still get it would want to hide it from them.

What if I Get Caught?

Wedding season in Pakistan is a completely different topic from the world. Even just family dinners can become a world bulletin news if one of the kids messes up in any form. This can be from bad grades to getting a tattoo. You made the decision to get the tattoo now you don’t want to be the reason your parents cannot show their faces in public. As dramatic as it is, as a desi child, we know what that means. You have to find a solution to be the best dressed in that latest outfit you got and at the same time your tattoo should not be exposed.

You can find cover make up that would help you achieve the natural cover that you want so you don’t get caught by anyone and can pass it off as your normal skin. But, the only problem with it is, if the makeup is not permanent enough and comes of easy you would be caught in a matter of seconds considering the amount of handshakes, hugging, and kissing that all our gatherings have. Not to forget the agents in the form of our relatives trying to sniff out the “bad deeds” so they can make a drama out of it. But, if you find the perfect solution for it that doesn’t let you get caught you wouldn’t have to go through all the trouble.

Step in Microskin Pakistan

You can be very proud of the tattoo design you have gotten but at the same time, your parents don’t see eye to eye with you. Especially if you are a girl, you are automatically not eligible to be wed. Whoever thought of tattoo design for girls should be hanged according to your parents because that is just outrageous. Even for tattoo design for boys, there is no such thing as tattoos. But, that is beside the point because you have the solution available to help you cover up your tattoos without getting caught by relatives. You can meet them at a wedding, go out for a beach or farmhouse trip, or anything else without getting caught. The most natural skin camouflage solution available that lasts through all conditions and save your parents the ton of embarrassment you brought them (we believe differently!).