I Rocked the Minimal Wedding Makeup Look This Season

Flawless Skin Is Achievable
Flawless Skin Is Achievable
December 30, 2019
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January 2, 2020
Minimal Wedding Makeup

Minimal Wedding Makeup this season

I Rocked the Minimal Wedding Makeup Look This Season

The wedding season takes the whole country by the storm.

Whether you want to go or don’t, you just have to attend all the functions.

There are so many things that one needs to look into such as how to get rid of acne scars because they have to join us everywhere we go.

I for the longest time didn’t think there was a way on how to hide pimples without makeup.

There are so many more problems that we start taking notice of even more than before, such as blackheads. Now you are running around the house finding the most effective way of how to remove blackheads from your face.

If only I had not been caking up so much makeup all year long, things would have been better now. There is not much that can be done about it now.

But, they all become secondary for us all because when you have bigger skin problems to deal with, these things actually become less significant.

If you are attending the wedding of someone who is close to you that poses its own set of problems. If you are meeting new people or those who you occasionally meet, it poses its own set of difficulties.

It is not an easy situation when you have self-harm scars present all over your arms. No amount of cover up makeup can make things easier and hide it the way I want them to. I always had to keep my hand heavy on makeup for my arms rather than my face.

The Minimal Path

When you discover something that promises you exactly what you want to hear, you get excited and nervous.

Microskin Pakistan actually promised me

  • The closest colour match technology
  • Breathing room for my skin
  • No allergies
  • Full coverage in every way
  • It also wouldn’t transfer to other surfaces
  • Would not come off no matter how much water I put it through
  • It would be light
  • Nobody would be able to know I had something on till I wanted

These were some pretty big claims, but I was more than happy to switch from fake skin camouflage cream to a more authentic solution. They have a whole systematic process available and going through the whole thing leaves you feeling much more hopeful.

There may not be the perfect solution of how to get rid of scars but to cover them up without caking on foundation, you have this technology.

I rocked the whole season without having to go through any sort of stress or getting caught.

I danced, hugged, and wore exactly what I wanted to. It completely changed my outlook on everything that there is. Only those who really knew me could know the difference, but even they were taken aback at first.

I did not have to answer to anyone or wear long sleeves when I did not want to.

It was the perfect wedding season treat that I needed to keep my minimal arm makeup look and not get worried about anything.