How to hide pigmentation without Make up

Do I need permanent make up?
October 26, 2019
How much cover up make-up do i need?
October 26, 2019

Someone quite annoyingly kept asking:

“What is the best foundation to hide that ugly scar?”

“Oh lord, acne marks? What’s the best skin care routine shall I follow?”

“How do I get rid of these dark spots?”

We don’t have to tell you how many times a day these questions cross your mind when you look yourself in the mirror. Or we don’t know how many times they ask repetitive questions like these to their dermatologist.

Pigmentation is more than just the discoloration Pigmentation is a skin condition too common yet not so insignificant. In biological means, pigmentation is caused by Melanin which is produced inside the cell and it produces coloration. There are also types of Pigmentation- Hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation which may be treated in different ways.


Pigmentation is such a condition which is not always treatable but there are multiple ways, that treatments are being provided. But, scars are there that may take time to fade away. The treatments being provided are;

  1. Medical treatment
  2. Home remedies
  3. In some cases, make up is also widely used to cover pigmentation

“Can I hide pigmentation or any discoloration on my skin with zero make up?” – YES YOU CAN!

There are many ways that people are trying to treat themselves, it can be through doctors or home remedies but we forget about the long term effects. It can take years to get rid of all the marks and scars that appear due to it. You cannot always treat those or get rid of it.

Just in case you still commit to the long term effects, there are a few things listed down below which lightens up pigmentation on a greater level.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar- Contain some strong acids like acetic acid which lightens up pigmentation.
  2. Aloe Vera- Contains a natural compound that has been shown to lighten up the skin condition.
  3. Tomato Paste: Tomato paste treats a lot of skin conditions hence it also protects a lot of skin damage.

But, they all have to be consistent and don’t always have the effect that you desire. There are alternative ways such as Microskin that give you the instant cover that you need from all the marks and scarring.

You don’t need precautionary measures if you want to hide pigmentation without make up

Skin is the most important part of a human body and thus it also requires a lot of attention. Another motivation to protect skin is skin treatments but they are very expensive- to the extent that it can you go bankrupt. They also can take all your life and you don’t have that kind of time to spend on this.

  1. certain medications, including chemotherapy drugs
  2. pregnancy hormones
  3. endocrine diseases, such as Addison’s disease
  4. melisma
  5. insulin resistance
  6. skin irritation or trauma

However, you always have the alternatives if you want to camouflage pigmentation. Not necessarily you have to go for makeup, color correctors or foundations or even setting powders. You cannot always avoid pigmentation, but with Microskin, you can easily hide it out with the specially created skin simulation technology that doesn’t have any side effects even if you have the most sensitive skin.