How much cover up make-up do i need?

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October 26, 2019
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October 26, 2019

“Skin imperfections are for real- so are all your skin conditions”

Just in case you believe to be an alien in this not-so-perfect world, you are wrong. But sometimes it should depend on an individual’s choice whether to cover it up or leave it like that and flaunt your imperfection.

Making corrections to flaws is perfectly fine…

Just in case you want to make corrections to your flaws, as superficial as dark spots, under eyes, dark circles, eye bags or as big of a condition as skin rashes, skin bruises, pigmentation, vitiligo and so on. It does make a big difference in the over-all look of your appearance.

Sometimes when you don’t speak, your skin speaks for itself. So some prefer to vouch for ways to camouflage their skin condition. Even if it can’t be achieved through acne treatments and drinking water, flawless skin can be emulated through different makeup tricks. But, just how much makeup do you have to go through to keep this cover up?

The money that you put in on a daily basis, is it always worth it? This is something you really need to think about.


When we talk about tips and tricks to cover up makeup we do have some products which help camouflage the skin condition in the right way. But, there are drawbacks to all of these products. They come off easy, you need to find clothes around it and not those that you love.

Touching things and meeting people also becomes difficult because you don’t want other people to find out about the layer that you have created.

PRIME YOUR SKIN- Priming means the makeup glides on the skin smoothly without making the outer surface go all caky, rather giving it a smooth and flawless touch. Finding the best one and making sure you keep refilling it takes a toll on you and your pocket.

Hence, you might as well have to spend a thousand bucks to buy a good primer and the list doesn’t stop there.

CONCEAL YOUR IMPERFECTION- Applying concealer can be a little tricky because of two major reasons:

  1. Good brands concealers which does hide skin conditions like that of rashes, and most importantly vitiligo, will require bottles of concealers so it can get a little harder on budget.
  2. Cover-up make ups are not a reliable source, can get all sweaty and just too bad on the skin. Tough choice, yep!

This just the second step of the expense, there is more to go.

 GET FOUNDATION- The third step that you would need to put in is foundation. The range may vary from good to low quality. However, Good foundations are a little costly when you cherry pick top foundation brands.

In terms of appearance and in terms of budget, both the ways foundations to hide vitiligo is not a very cool decision- gross one!


Vitiligo is a rare skin condition in which patches of your skin loses pigmentation. In such a condition you begin to lose natural coloration of your skin.

Some might take this condition as a source of embarrassment- hence they opt for covering it up by any means.

However, if you want to cover vitiligo patches, regular department store make-up won’t cut it. There has been no specialized make-up that has been invented to help you with these either. But, on the other hand, you do have Microskin which is a specialized skin simulation technology that helps you create a camouflage for the skin condition you are suffering from. We are primarily designed to cover discolorations caused by vitiligo or any other skin condition, referred to as camouflage.

MEN NEED COVER UP TOO– Just in case you’re wondering women as a whole are only a victim of skin conditions than you are totally wrong. Skin camouflage is typically used by both men and women. We design it in such a way that after application it mimics your skin in color and texture as closely as possible. Both, men and women, and even children will be able to cover the discolored patches of on their skin.

There may not be any treatments that would help you cover the birthmarks, skin rashes, vitiligo, self-harm bruises, basically skin conditions that you are either born with or have been subjected to because of some trauma. But, you have the hope and the means to cover it as closely to the most natural state as possible. It may not be the most perfect solution but it is the closest and most risk-free that you can find.