Here Is How I Got Rid of My Heavy Makeup Routine

Healthy Alternative For A Happier Skin
A Healthy Alternative For A Happier Skin
December 24, 2019
Flawless Skin Is Achievable
Flawless Skin Is Achievable
December 30, 2019
How I Got Rid of My Heavy Makeup Routine

How I Got Rid of My Heavy Makeup Routine

Here Is How I Got Rid of My Heavy Makeup Routine

When you suffer from a skin condition, such as vitiligo you know the trouble the goes in to put on the cover up with Heavy makeup.

The layers and layers of foundation and perfecting the blend so that it doesn’t look unnatural.

You can easily find many organic remedies and even treatments that give you the proper details on how to get rid of spots and the different scars or anything basically that you may be suffering from.

But, we all know that there is no vitiligo treatment that can help us rid of the condition.

I would know because have tried almost everything that the internet and the doctors have asked me to try.

But, there has been no difference and it took me a long time to understand that it cannot be treated no matter how much I try or no matter what I apply for it.

Hence, I had to try other things such as putting on tons of makeup.

My Heavy Makeup Routine

In my quest of how I can hide my vitiligo without making it too obvious I went through a lot of stress.

Healthy Alternative For A Happier Skin

I have invested more than needed in makeup and clothes.

I would wake up every morning hating myself for everything. My day started with finding clothes that are boring and big enough to hide everything. Even during summer, no matter what, I preferred wearing socks and boots everywhere I went.

My bills at the makeup store were making me bankrupt because I would keep retouching my face several times in an hour.

My confidence level was down on an all-time low.

The Life Changing Decision

After trying almost every makeup, clothes, and even skin camouflage cream that I could find and ruin my skin further in, I came across the cover solution I had needed the whole time.

Better late than never I guess, because I could not be more satisfied with everything that Microskin Pakistan has provided me with.

Applying it takes five minutes and I don’t have to keep touching it up.

Unlike the heavy makeup, it is simple to put on, a one-time investment that lasts over several months for me.

It is also porous and lets my skin breathe. My skin texture has improved immensely because it is not clogging up all the time.

My skin was able to breathe and be safe as the ingredients used in this product are all organic. I told them about my allergies and I was able to get the solution without any problem because my skin did not react to anything.

Any spots that come on due to anything even pimple scars can easily be hidden with this technology. If you want to find the perfect solution on how to get rid of spots, you can get it through.

Mornings have been less stressful and meeting people has become much easier. Since, it doesn’t transfer and doesn’t wash off with water, you don’t have to worry about it coming off or getting caught in any way.