Camouflage In Animals Is Not Only A Wish For Humans

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camouflage in animal not for women

You wish you had an ability to camouflage just like animals do.

Camouflage in animals is a wonderful thing. Humans are in fact an evolved form of animal, according to some conspiracy theories, but this particular ability man has not developed and will probably never. Even if you wish you had a recover or camouflage.

Why animals feel the need to camouflage and how is it inter-linked to humans?

Examples of camouflage in animals are various, which can be neatly grouped into passive and active camouflage.
So, animals have the tendency to prey and get preyed upon. In order to build safety around, they have this built-in protection which is a basic key to surviving in the wild.

What they do is, in order to not be seen by the predator they blend in the environment. They develop their appearances just like the objects around just so that they go unnoticed by the predator.

Why humans want the ability to camouflage, you wonder.

Humans are sensitive beings and so vulnerable. They also go through certain natural processes which deeply effects them.
Such as skin conditions like skin rashes, skin burns, birthmarks, vitiligo and even tattoos on the skin which take a little longer to go than the usual time.

Sometimes, they wish they had the ability to blend in the environment just so that they can shy away from their insecurity- their skin flaws.

Camouflage basically means to adapt in the environment

Because camouflage in animal is genetically determined, each new generation adapts a little better to its environmental characteristics.

Naturally, when someone has certain kind of skin condition or is under-going through a bad phase so he/she does not feel comfortable enough to face the world.

They avoid public gatherings as much as they can so to avoid unnecessary gossips and critical analysis of their own flaws.

At that point in time, you wonder….

Man, can I disappear for a while?

But not anymore!!!

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Most of the skin procedures are so complicated and actually painful they have to apply anesthesia then they proceed with the whole process to which they say,

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Know that Microskin does look like foundation or a makeup product but it is strictly not that.

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Now that you know pretty much all about Microskin, it’s your choice that how you want to take it through.

It’s totally up to you whether you want to cover the skin with lots of makeup and give a bad vibe or you want Microskin.