Recover Or Camouflage, The Truth Only

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December 17, 2019
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Best Skin Cover Up

Proper recovery from a certain skin condition is a hoax

Skin disorders can vary from person to person in symptoms and severity. Some disorders are temporary or permanent which may be painful while some are painless.

However, some skin disorders are occurred due to situational causes while some are genetics which you cannot get rid of.

In many parts of the regions, skin disorders vary from its type. Some are minor while some are so serious that they cannot be treated at all. Minor conditions are however, recoverable.

Some skin conditions are so subtle yet so impactful that it slowly and gradually pulls away the self-confidence of an individual. They refer to best dermatologists for permanent solution but not every time they get the perfect solution.

Makeup you think is a getaway?

Well, nope.
Some makeup products like color correctors, foundations and other makeup products are widely used to cover acne marks, birthmarks. Some products are also used to cover tattoos which are not at all reliable.

Some concentrated foundations like Dermacol did claim that they are clinically tested. They also claim to be one of its kind in covering all kinds of skin condition as stubborn as skin rashes, tattoos and vitiligo but then those promises also went down the drain.

Makeup is not a good option to camouflage skin conditions. One can apply bottles and bottles of foundations on the effected patch of the body but one cannot expect that the same foundation will give them the flawless look.

Foundation only makes it worse

Camouflage, however, can be the answer as it improves the appearance of the individual. The focus is no longer on the discoloration that the person wishes to hide, thereby improving their confidence and self-esteem.

Keeping that definition of camouflage in mind, Microskin exactly works the same. Just like any other, Microskin never talked about recovery but it does talk about camouflage. It solely talks about hiding your flaws in a good way for a longer period of time.


All you need to do is get your skin scanned, get the perfect match of your skin tone. After you get the customized color of your skin tone, you airbrush it and guess what? It’s gone. No stickiness nothing.

The best part about this particular product is you can also re-apply just in case you feel like it’s an old application and you want to renew it, you sure can.

So, what do you think? Recover or Camouflage, hmm?