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January 18, 2020
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Make up to cover birthmarks

Make up to cover birthmarks

There is no bigger evidence of being born other than the fact that you exist.

But, then nature puts its own twist on the whole matter and gives you a mark.

It could be anything from a small spot to a complete scary patch at any part of the body. That is not something that is appreciated by many especially if it is present on the face.

Operation is not something everyone can get done. Plus, putting on make up to cover birthmarks and hoping it looks flawless is actually fruitless. Speaking from experience I am someone who has the bonus evidence of going through the gruelling process called birth.

My mark runs across my face and a patch is also present on my hand. So that is a lot of free exposed space for everyone to comment on. Trust me, no matter how confident you are in your skin some of the people know how to pierce your heart completely.

It is not a feeling that I can actually put in words.

At times, through the lowest points in my life,  I have tried my best to go through all the different remedies to actually get rid of it forever.

Like I said, pointless!

It doesn’t work like that.

My journey has been a lot about going from one high to one low and discovering myself through the journey.

There is No Make up for Birthmarks

I have the complete foundation and concealer collection from the leading makeup brands.

They have been my constant and if I start making recoveries for the amount that I have spent on them, the companies themselves would go bankrupt.

I am definitely not exaggerating, maybe I am but still the amount is pretty worthwhile.

But, that was definitely not the final solution.

I was touching up every other second and it got to a point where people would get sick of me. I for the longest time pretended it did not actually affect me while simultaneously emptying the concealers in a very short time.

I was blending them up to get the right color or I would just have to do full glam all the time.

A simple run to the grocery store was more terrifying than ever because I was also applying powder for that before leaving home.

My obsession to find the best makeup to cover birthmarks had reached an all new high.

That was all that I was thinking off. Whether I have enough of it or not or whether the mark was covered properly or not?

So many things that went through my mind and kept me conscious and I was always worrying. I did everything I could in my power to make sure that people forgot about my mark or wouldn’t ask me questions about it especially on my face.

My skin started suffering even more because I was suffocating it with the many layers of makeup.

I had acne issues, breakouts, and blackheads, trust me I was done with everything that there was. This is simply because I was not ready to accept myself any other way.

My Go to Solution, Finally!

I had exhausted all my options and was just getting through life.

My skin and my mood were taking the biggest hit for my wavering confidence for the longest time.

Just be aware of the fact that I had still not given up my search till I found what actually made life much easier.

Microskin is the result of a late night scrolling session.

I was up and bored and it popped on my feed out of nowhere.

At first, as usual I thought it was something random and a product cannot promise so many things. But, I messaged them anyways and ended up with a consultation appointment with them.

Went in with not many expectations but I was blown away with what I received.

The service was phenomenal, they listened to all of my concerns and did everything in their power to make me feel comfortable.

They guided me through the whole process and put all of my worries at ease. I questioned them a lot, like more than I normally would ask anyone. They answered patiently, matched my color, guided me through the application process and everything.

My life has since been much easier.

I don’t even need to visit them to get a refill, they just send it to me over the phone.

If you are looking for the best waterproof scar cover up method or for any other skin condition, this is definitely the one.

It is even better than make up to cover burns of any kind. I personally saw the case when I went in some time later to actually pick up my refill rather than just ordering it at home.

I have been a user for quite some time now and I recommend it to everyone around me. A true fan of everything that they actually stand for today.