Is covering scar necessary?

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October 26, 2019
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October 26, 2019

Of course not. Why would you cover something that was never your choice? Or maybe it was. But what scar are we talking about?

Something that replaces normal skin after an injury or it is something that you were born with. Let’s get this straight. There are multiple kinds of scar that you often go through. It could either be squeezed acne or a wound pair in the skin or it could be something as serious as imperfection of post pregnancy which results in scarring. Scars are also occurred from accidents, disease or as petty as skin conditions such as acne. This is something which you cannot get rid of. It’s also not something which should embarrass you because it’s a reality check yet a distant proof of all tough times that you have been through. What tough time, you ask. The time when, as a child, you realized that you are different, oh you are not normal. You got dual skin tones, um weird! Times you lived when frustration got too much into you that you were forced to do nothing but cutting the epidermis of skin. You also lived through the terrible life-taking accident where you lived but a patch of your skin did not. Tissue popped out oozing blood out of it. Later the patch healed but it left an ugly scar which is a lifelong reminder of a horrible day.

However, you do not want others to see through the past you have had. What they do is sympathize or make you feel like you need some sort of help or a therapy. So you decide to camouflage the skin patch which makes you most awkward at times in front of others. Either you look for make-up to cover them up or some skin treatment has it covered. Scars often have different texture which makes them stand out. It’s either foundation or concealer which makes it even toned. But, that also costs a lot and your cover can be caught much easier as it rubs off easily and also washes off quickly.

It also covers hyper-pigmentation which is associated with scarring. There are also some products like color correctors which corrects the dual skin texture which you apply before foundation. But, anyone who put makeup has had the groan-worthy experience of getting foundation or color corrector has stains on a nice top which is not very presentable because sweat and makeup are two things that just don’t go together. At least, that’s what we’ve always thought. We’ve had witnessed way too many bad experiences involving our makeup melting off our hands then ultimately ruining the whole aura of your personality. However, it’s just a bad idea to cover up scars through make up products. Skin treatment can be a good option that lightens up the scar, at least that is what they claim to do.

Therefore, should you be covering your scar? That is your choice as a whole. If it is encouraging you to move ahead in life, surviving the traumas of life then you have the right to decide whether to cover it or flaunt in public. Microskin with its revolutionary skin camouflage technology gives you the choice that is easy to follow through and achieve the cover that you need.

Nobody has the right to judge anyone for what they have been through. As we say, different faces, different struggles! Life does not come easy on anyone. You have different skin, might as well you have brilliant mind to conquer the world. You never know!

You have all the choices to make when it comes to your well-being. We all have different kinds of scars, inside out. We have freckles from sun exposure, emotional trigger points, broken bones, and broken hearts. However, we need not to feel ashamed but beautiful.