How to Get Rid of a Birthmark?

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October 26, 2019
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October 26, 2019

Birthmark is a sign on our skin that either fades away with time or it just doesn’t go away. Everyone has a different type of birthmark, for some people it may be small and hidden. While at the same time for some it may be big and in a prominent area. For those who have been born with birthmarks that are big, prominent, and at times a matter of concern they want try many ways for birthmark removal. Some people have a birthmark on face, others have a birthmark on head, some may have on their arms, hands, legs, birthmark on neck, birthmark on back, and anywhere else, that is another story. As at times they may not like how it looks and for some people they also get victimized through bullying for being different. While at the same time others just want to hide it for some time to just have a smooth skin because being alive is evidence enough that you were actually born. You don’t always need to live with a mark and find way to get rid of it.

Many people look for solutions and find many different birthmark removal cream that would help them get rid of the marks. But, most creams have many different problems that come with it. These creams at times promise to dim the mark or something but not all marks are actually affected by it. They can camouflage the marks but they don’t actually make them go away. Though we may not have the camouflage patterns on our skin but we are always looking for other ways to get rid of them. But, for covering them up with creams there are other factors in play also that don’t leave you happy with the results. The factors that mostly come into play are:

  • At times, you may not be able to achieve full coverage to achieve the result that you are going for. The cream may cover up for a while but doesn’t end up lasting for as long as it was supposed to which completely kills of the feeling that you get by covering the birthmark.
  • Then there is the problem that it may not look natural and be off color. Even if you do find full coverage foundation that does have your skin color, it poses other problems.
  • Full cover makeup and foundations actually transfers to other surfaces that makes it difficult to wear and make it last long as you get uncomfortable with getting in contact with other people and things. It can also ruin clothes and make the whole camouflage makeup look bad.
  • A proper camouflage is not created and these creams at times are not even waterproof hence, they also wash off easy. This makes it difficult to go out in the heat or to the pool or a beach, as the cream washes off and completely defeats the purpose of the cover that you were going for.

Though many people who try to get rid of the marks are at times suggest an operation as a last resort but that is not feasible for everyone. Microskin on the other hand, is the easiest solution as we make no false promises. You will not be able to remove your birthmark permanently but you would be able to completely hide it and get a very natural result. It will not transfer and you would be able to go swimming also because it is not easily removable and has its own remover. Since, it’s not makeup and a technology made to camouflage scars, you would be able to get the desired results without any issues.