How Can I Hide My Vitiligo?

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October 26, 2019
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October 26, 2019

What are those white patches on your skin? You should have them covered up! Just learn how to apply makeup on it and get rid of it!

The feeling that comes from this is not a pleasant one. That is because you really cannot do much about it. The vitiligo cause is not something you can control from your own free will. This is a skin condition that has no recorded cure as it is. Plus, you cannot really do anything about it such as body makeup can take a lot of time depending on finding the perfect shades of makeup and learning to make it look natural. That is because, if you mess that up, they also have problem with you not blending the makeup enough. so you are asking yourself how can I hide my vitiligo patches so nobody could see them.

Then there is the problem of it transferring all over your clothes and other items because it does not stay in place. You don’t always have enough time in the morning to actually sit in front of the mirror and lather yourself up in makeup every day. Life is always on the move and if you don’t move with it, you would remain behind anyways. You cannot give it as much time as you want to, no matter what. Though it is not something you have to be ashamed off but if there is a way to breathe easy at time, you should have the choice to explore that option also. In the end, all you want is a vitiligo camouflage that would make life easier for you.

How Can I Hide My Vitiligo Without Makeup

Well, since body painting and makeup is not always the option, you want the ability of a chameleon. This is because, no matter how many color correctors and concealers such as a green concealer that we apply to our face, at the end of the day when the skin gets irritated we have to avoid makeup at all costs. At times, applying makeup to our forearms and legs is not easy at all. Just so we can cover one spot, we have to put in the time and effort to cover our whole face, which is just too much unnecessary effort. This means if you have a single patch of discoloration, you have to cover the entire area to make it look natural.

The spot concealer strategy through this is only something we can keep going back to from time to time. At times, we don’t want the makeup to transfer on the dress we would be wearing so that is another challenge. If there was a vitiligo treatment at home guide, everyone’s life would be so much

Is There Anything Other Than Cover Makeup?

Technology that would help you cover these scars and save time without transferring it anywhere else may sound like a far off dream. But, with the advancement and hard work of Microskin, you finally have that technology available. You also have it available in any skin shade that you can think of. You can get the technology customized according to your skin color, apply it anywhere in seconds, and you are good to go. You were searching for a skin camouflage cream for vitiligo but you get something that is much better than that.

Pakistan now also has the facility available near you to get your skin consultation done and get your hands on the technology. Yes! The latest in Pakistan news for everyone suffering from skin conditions they cannot really do anything about and need a break, you do have that now. You don’t have to work harder just smarter and you would be out the door in no time.  Skin diseases or any other issue that leaves marks on your skin will now be covered up with this new technology. It is better than makeup because it doesn’t block your pores and lets your skin breathe at the same time.