Camouflage Makeup Is Not A Solution Anymore

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January 3, 2020
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Camouflage Makeup

Make up is essential for all kinds of skin conditions. That’s what people believe but we don’t think so. Make up is only for certain kinds of skin problems like acne marks, dark circles. And blemishes. But for skin conditions like patches, vitiligo, tattoo, skin burns and many others, make up is a big NO!.

Why Not Makeup!

Make up can be a good option to cover up only minimal skin problems like blemish but once it’s applied you never know what impact it leaves on the skin.

For example, it can make your skin look too bad. Or it can also make it worse. That is what makeup does to you. One can never trust it with anyone or anything no matter what. Sometimes makeup also triggers acne if you have any. It clogs your pours and then make it look worse. Therefore, it is advisable to women that they must not apply makeup or any superficial product on skin conditions like skin marks, acne scars or any other thing of any sort.

You can never hide scars permanently or can you?

You know this right? There is no product available which can camouflage any of your skin condition permanently. Yeah if you have to get it removed permanently what do you think how long will it last? We don’t know right? No we don’t. We don’t know when and how long will a treatment last however everything has to be looked upon quite deeply.

Camouflage Is Of Different Types

Camouflage types vary in animals and in humans also. Animals do this technique just to avoid themselves from the predator and sometimes they also do the camouflage technique to be protected from the weather that may harm them and feel out of their natural habitat. While humans also camouflage to cover up their flaws. They believe that humans judge other humans because of how they look and how they appear in social gathering. What they don’t realize is that not everyone is perfect. Everyone has different habitat to survive in hence it’s important to feel confident no matter what.

But this time around a technique by the name of Microskin solves a lot of problems. Microskin is a technique which camouflages and covers all kinds of skin conditions without harming them. It is applied on the epidermal layer of the skin rest assured that it will not clog pores or anything. Microskin simply covers up, and does not treat any skin condition. Many people confuses it with treatment but it absolutely not a treatment but a camouflage which simply covers up a scar or vitiligo to say the least. So let’s do Microskin?